MVsharp Application Platform

MVsharp is a modern implementation of the MultiValue/Pick database environment that is compatible with the wealth of applications developed for MultiValue databases. Data can be persisted in SQL Server, hashed files, MongoDB as well as Rocket Software's Universe, Unidata, D3, jBASE and QM databases.


MultiValue Databases

We have decades of experience with MultiValue databases including Universe, D3, mvBASE, QM, Reality and Revelation. We offer modernization services for legacy MultiValue applications including a REST Server that can be integrated with your existing MultiValue application. MultiValue is a type of NoSQL database.


Application Development

We develop and support customer applications and database development services utilizing Multivalue (Pick) and Microsoft SQL technologies. We work with OpenQM, jBASE, mvBASE, D3, and Universe MultiValue databases and Microsoft SQL Server. We also utilize Microsoft .NET based development environments to create Web (ASP.NET), Windows Forms and web services.


Virtualization and Cloud Services

We provide planning and migration services to virtualized servers as well as support of existing virtualized environments. We specialize in Microsoft Hyper-V as well as VMware and have experience with many different versions including ESXi, VMware Workstation, VMware Server and Fusion.


Network Installation and Support

We provide installation and support services for a variety of network configurations to satisfy today's most demanding business configurations. We have trained technical staff that can implement network architectures aimed at securing your business information utilizing technology.



We provide several options for customers to maintain security in the environment through anti-virus/anti-malware software, spam filtering, encryption technologies, managed software patch updates and Group Policy restrictions. We can also help with systems that have already been compromised or infected. We have many years experience with cleanup and removal of viruses, trojans, scareware, and fake AV infections using the latest cleanup utilities as well as manual removal techniques.


Systems Integration

We have expertise in integration of desktops and servers in a multi-vendor environment. We also integrate data from disparate systems and have expertise with Windows, Mac, Linux, AIX, HP UX and other platforms. We also support BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) strategies and help you leverage mobile devices to increase your productivity.


Internet Presence

We provide Website design and development as well as establishment of corporate presence on the internet. This includes but is not limited to Domain Name Registration and Site Hosting. We also provide design services for web documents and training. We help you leverage social media to promote your business and add to your digital presence.


We focus on helping to modernize legacy MultiValue applications including developing REST services including connecting to trading partners and customers, modernizing user interfaces including customer portals and ecommerce stores and management dashboards and consulting to help companies understand how to effectively approach the task of application modernization.

Our primary MultiValue product and the focus of our modernization efforts is MVsharp from the Prosol Group. We also offer the other products from Prosol, MVrest, MVsync and MVpro.

We provide hardware and software solutions to solve specific problems that our customers face. We do not "sell" hardware and software as much as provide products to solve a problem.

Networking, Internet connectivity and security are important parts of most company's technology needs today. We provide networking products from vendors such as Cisco, SonicWALL, Ubiquiti, NETGEAR, and TP-Link. These products include firewalls, switches, wireless networking, application load balancing domain registrations, and digital certificates. All products are installed by trained and experienced professionals.

MultiValue/Pick Database

We provide installation and support of SQL Server and Multivalue (Pick) database platforms. We have more than 35 years expertise in MultiValue databases. We also specialize in custom .NET applications utilizing Multivalue database back-ends and integration of Multivalue and SQL data.

MVsharp is the exciting new MultiValue database platform from The Prosol Group.

We are a VAR for Prosol (MVsharp), Rocket (D3, U2, jBASE and QM) and Bluefinity as well as all Microsoft products.

Switches & Firewalls

We can provide many different brands and options for network switches, routers, wifi and firewalls to meet the customer's needs. Cisco, Ubiquiti, SonicWALL, Netgear, Linksys, and TP-Link are just some of the networking brands we can offer. We are authorized partners for Sonicwall and Fortinet and are proficient with Cisco's PIX firewalls for more advanced configurations. Whether you need to add wifi, install a switch, configure a firewall or setup a VPN, Maverick Systems can handle all of your install and support needs.

Windows Desktops

As with our servers, we offer Dell branded desktop and laptop systems installed with Windows. We can office basic workstations all the way to high-end Intel Core i7 processor machines with SSD and advanced graphics. If you need multi-monitor setups or desktop virtualization, we are equipped to service and support all of it. Whether they are being joined to an existing AD domain, peer-to-peer Workgroup, or individual workstations outside of a network environment, our years of expertise will ensure a smooth install process.

Microsoft Windows Server Platforms

As a Premier partner, we specialize in Dell server equipment, from tower to rackmount, external SAS storage to iSCSI. We are qualified to sell, configure and support anything from basic servers for small offices, to multi-processor machines with RAID for larger offices. We can install single stand-alone servers as well as Active Directory Domain Controllers configured for the customer's specific needs. Creation of user accounts, print services, Group Policy, DNS, DHCP, and any other maintenance or diagnostic needs.


IT Support is a primary function of our work. We develop close relationships with our customers that we hope will last decades. Each customer relationship is tailored to the need established by the customer. We do not take a cookie cutter approach to customer support. Our goal is to stabilize your environment and to empower you to the degree you chose to support your technology needs. We do this by developing an understanding of your needs and working to facilitate implementation of that vision. We also believe that we need to respond when you need a response, not make you wait until it is convenient for us.

  • Web Design
  • Windows Based
  • System Integration
  • Microsoft Servers

About Us

Develop lasting customer relationships that provide valuable computer-related services. Always remember to maintain the customer's best interest as our driving force. Diligently continue to acquire computer industry knowledge and stay abreast of major industry trends and technologies. Provide a corporate environment conducive to learning and customer service.
The Prosol Group Releases Free Developer Copies of MVsharp
The Prosol Group has released of free developer copy of their MultiValue database environment MVsharp. Maverick Systems is offering support to companies and individuals learning more about this modern MultiValue database environment.

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We are a small team of technical professionals who help make technology support your company. We have extensive experience in business computer systems, networking, applications and development. Maverick Systems' professionals can assist your company in making more proficient use of existing systems or work with you to determine new requirements.

Maverick Systems provides complete business systems support for our customers. We can become your MIS staff by providing services from Requirements Analysis and Acquisitions to all types of system support. We provide systems integration, network installation and support, application development, as well as Internet connectivity and Internet presence services including website development and domain, web, mail and ftp server hosting.

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